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Beautiful Strangers, 3 Beautiful Strangers, 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

look at that!

First of all, the lighting is amazing. Love how you took her most beautiful features and highlighted them... her eyes are stunning, and although she has a serious gaze somewhere in your back, you can easily picture her smiling at you as close friends: beauty made into a drawing.
Going into tiny details: the way you used the pencil on it ('trazado' in my language, don't know how to translate) is magnificent, not defined lines where not required, or not lines at all (as her hair), the visual effect is very effective! those spirals in her hair are weird, not bad, I mean... somehow I find them beautiful, like they belong to there and not anywhere else and that's how it must be.
I hugely love the background haha once I had the same idea as a drawing of mine background (it was a portrait as well), but it didn't come out as awesome as yours.
Awesome work, in its whole wholeness. Congrats.